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From: Greg Fisher [mailto:greg@pagea2.com]
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2012 2:11 PM
To: Kenny Long, owner, El Dorado Springs Sun
Cc: Nellie Lamers, specialist, Family Financial Education, Taney County, Southwest Region, University of Missouri; Timothy M. Wolfe, president, Univeristy of Missouri; David R. Bradley, chairman, Board of Curators, University of Missouri System
Subject: El Dorado Springs Sun, credit score, employers, corrections location

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You published, “’Creditors, employers, landlords and others use your credit report and score to determine the interest rate you pay and whether or not you are offered a job, lease or credit,’ said [University of Missouri Extension family financial education specialist Nellie] Lamers.”

Employers do not use credit scores because they cannot even get them.

Where do you publish corrections?

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One thought on “El Dorado Springs Sun, corrections location

  1. Hi Greg~

    In general, nobody can get a copy of your report or score without your written consent, from: http://www.freescore.com/who-can-check-my-score.aspx:
    “Any people or organizations who have a “legitimate business need” can check your credit score. The phrase “legitimate business need” casts a broad net over who can access your credit score, and people and entities that fall under the category include:
    • Current and prospective employers (with your consent)”

    For more information about your credit report: http://missourifamilies.org/features/consumerarticles/consumerpdfs/creditreportbasics05.pdf.

    Thanks for your message~

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